Other Recommended Books

By Carolyn Mahaney

Feminine Appeal

This is a very “deep” book worth the reading and studying it!  A sweet friend suggested it a few years back and I am very grateful.  It was very hard to read, but oh boy, it hits home on many issues!  I need to read it again!

By Jane Austen Books

Pride and Prejudice

Fun an interesting story of the Bennet Family in the “class-conscious society of England’s 18th century.”  There were five daughters with all the “girl” giggles, camaraderie and friendships of that age.  The relationship between Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy shows true prejudice and pride!  Great reading!  My favorite!

Northhanger Abbey

In Jane Austen’s style, this novel tells the story of Catherine Morland who vacations in Bath and in Northhanger Abbey meeting the man who eventually she’d marry Mr. Henry Tilney.  Through the book we see her “blossoming into a discerning woman who learns truths about love, life an the heady power of literature.”

By Jan Karon

She is the author of the Mitford Books which I have enjoyed immensely.  Years ago my mother-in-law gave me A Light in the Window and I was hooked!  They are stories about a town named Mitford and all its “quirky” people.  It is a made up town but the people are just like some of the people we have met!  Hope you’ll enjoy them too!

By Frank E. Peretti
This Present Darkness and Piercing the Darkness

If you are looking for an intense look into the unseen world of angels and demons, this are the books for you!  Peretti gives us an fascinating look into the spiritual warfare and the power of prayerI have them also as books on CD read by Frank E. Peretti, WOW!  It is not for the faint of heart!




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